Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cody is 7 months

Cody's mom isn't keeping up on scrapbooking every month during his first year, so she's pretty glad for blogging to keep quick records of what he's doing.  Of course, Cody's not doing anything remarkably different from any other baby, but it's still remarkable!!  His mom and dad are enjoying each and every new stage, knowing that it goes ever so quickly.

- rolls over and over
-enjoys playing on the floor more than before
-ate bananas for the first time...and liked it
-cries when mom leaves the room
-still likes most people unless he's tired
-just moved from pack-and-play bassinet to crib
-put himself to sleep for the first time today!
-weighs around 18 lbs.
-has 2 bottom teeth
-isn't super cuddly and would rather look all around
-can sit up unsupported and rarely falls over anymore
-loves peek-a-boo
-still is our little "piggy" because he "snorts" a lot
-ends up in mom and dad's bed every night because that's the only way he'll sleep (oh well! it will pass)
-is a generally happy and content baby, as long as there's activity to watch (and there's usually plenty of it!)
-likes taking a bath with his brothers but is very scared of running water or the shower

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