Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick or Teething or Maybe Both

I remember hearing a mother of four say she would have probably had more children if it weren't for the fact that kids get sick. Well, I don't think that sickness necessarily halts my desire for more, but on days like today I can certainly relate.

I love being a mom and most of the time I'm even happy to do what that entails. But I would never make a good nurse. I've known that for some time. Today was one of those days I held my 13 month old most of the day, took his temperature several times, tried to get as much liquid in him as possible, held him throughout most of his nap, read a book about childhood sicknesses, worried about his jerking (which I think might have to do with achy muscles), carried him in the sling to make dinner, listened to my 2 year old cry himself to sleep because I couldn't move a muscle while holding Kade, changed his wet drool covered shirt 3 times, and then wondered what was wrong with Levi (2 year old) when he woke up from his nap. He wouldn't even eat Cheerios...which is a true sign of something being wrong. Cheerios aren't an every day event!

So in my list of things I'm thankful for I will add:

7. Children who are generally healthy and have no serious illnesses

8. My sling which allows me to get something done and still have baby close

9. Frozen fish fillets, baked potatoes, frozen homemade rolls, and asparagus - a fairly easy dinner when kids are sick.

10. A husband who did one of my errands

11. Appliances (eg. washer, dryer, oven, microwave) that work for me while I take care of sick baby

12. A sister who helps me with shopping for gifts for family members

13. Time to pray while sitting in the rocking chair today


tani said...

So sorry your little ones aren't feeling good. That is definitely one of the harder aspects of being a parent. I hate to see my daughter hurt and always worry about all the possibilities. Praying for peace for you and healing for the kids.

Kami said...

Oh sweetie - it's such a rough day when the kids are sick! I'll make sure to be praying for your little babe!

Hoping the holidays are bringing much joy to you :)