Saturday, November 28, 2009

Minnesota History Center

I love the museum passes we get from the library. The day after Thanksgiving, the boys, Malia, and I headed for the MN History Center. I feel like we found a hidden treasure nearby. (Unfortunately, my pictures are really not in any sort of order that makes sense and I'm having trouble figuring out how to use Kent's new laptop!)
The transportation area was a little boy's dream come true. Steering wheels and the dashboard of a car!
The bike exhibit had this interesting design of bike frames up on the walls.

There was an actual railroad car in which we read many interesting quotes.

Here, Kade sits in a chair in the "waiting area" of an "airport."

The tornado exhibit retold the story of the devastating tornado that hit Fridley, MN, in 1965. This was the tornado outside and then we entered a "basement room" that felt very realistic! The sounds, vibrations, light changing, and tree falling all added to the experience!

These were little twirly things that we could cause to turn by using a rotating fan.

An old-time soda counter. It reminded me of Norman Rockwell paintings.
Back to the bicycle exhibit. This sign made me chuckle and I had to show Kent, "So what's all the need for these bicycle tools and tuneups you're always talking about!"

And this one...the Best!! I wish I could remember the date of this quote, but it was quite a while ago!

Off on their trip...even with luggage.

The "house" outside the "basement room" destroyed by the tornado of 1965.

He loved this little green suitcase for some reason and shed a few tears when we had to leave it behind.

Our foiled attempt at a group photo. There were several others like this! :)

This was at the bottom of a grain elevator. With only dead ends, this tunnel was a perfect place for Kade to play...and he loved it. Can you tell by that smile?

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Alison said...

We love the Minnesota History Center! Haven't been in over a year and have been planning on another trip soon!!