Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our July 4th

Triplet boys and their brother (our next door neighbors) invited DJ over to shoot off a few fireworks. There's just something about playing with the "fire" yourself that appealed to these guys. Later we went and watched the big ones from a distant spot by the freeway. You know, Levi hardly noticed the fireworks and rather kept exclaiming, "Look, white van!" "Look, big truck." I told Kent we could have come any old night and it would have been just as fun for him. :) So the background was holiday colors too. I didn't realize that until now!
This was the typical scenario!

Our dessert. I LOVE the way these berries look and taste. So glad they are in season.

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Corene said...

Love all the photos! Jack has done the truck/car thing while we're driving on the freeway! Look, truck! Look car! It's pretty funny.