Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bike Tour

Kent led the bike tour/fundraiser up to International Falls this year (about 230 miles). This was a never-before-tried route, so I think they all enjoyed the change of scenery. I stayed for the reminder of camp with the boys and met them all on Saturday night about 50 miles away for their fun award/entertainment night. They left Friday morning on a day that felt like it just might be November. It was downright wet and chilly, but they all seemed in good spirits. Malia was rookie this year and Kent said she did great. No complaining and she pulled her weight. They did quite a bit of training together this year, and so they were pretty well prepared.

I love this picture of the girls!! Tana drove our van as one of the support vehicles and the other three rode.

And we stayed at camp, enjoying some time with grandparents. Levi really cracked me up here...he didn't realize the cone was meant to if it was some sort of bowl or dish.
Daddy's back!!!! Good tour. They raised about $10,000 for the camp.

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