Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Esther visits

The best smiles of Kade are when he's in a swing.Meet Zane Curtis. I'm his favorite aunt in MN. He does have one other aunt in IA so I can't be his absolute favorite, but it's pretty close. Anyway, he was so adorably fun to hold, and he loves to laugh. My brave sister drove all the way from LA to see us for almost a week, arriving the day after we got back from camp. We spent lots of our time getting everyone ready, eating, feeding, bathing our kids, and cleaning up, but it was so fun to be together. We did manage to get out on a few outings, and Kylee and DJ played non-stop from the minute they woke up until they crashed at night. A box just seemed like the right place to put TWO babies.

Our trip to Teddy Bear Park.

This is what my house looked like when Esther arrived. Ten days of laundry.

The cousins discovered each other right away. Kade is four months older and a pound heavier!We used our library passes to go to a Fire Museum. They loved it!

Included in admission is a ride in this fire truck.
We also stopped at the library to get our passes and this is where my boys were when I walked over to the children's section.


Corene said...

the feeding/dressing/cleaning up thing sounds like what happens when Julia and I get together :). When we had less kids we got more scrapbooking done, but that's life. Wish I could've visited you when Esther was there!

Anonymous said...



Dad & Mom or
Grandpa Wayne & Grandma Betty

Esther said...

I'm so glad I made the trip. I still can't believe that I actually drove that many hours with a 5 month old, but it was so worth it.