Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to CA/NV

It should be fairly easy to pack for a one week trip where you can wash and run to the store if absolutely necessary. Somehow I managed to make it a two day ordeal and our living room looked like a packing zone. DJ, Levi, Kade, and I flew out to San Francisco and drove up to Reno to see family. Here...Levi talks to Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Betty the day before we left.

I couldn't have managed the trip (with two children under 2 years of age) without my Aunt Chris. We had a few interesting moments figuring out just how to carry babies, put shoes back on, pull our carry-ons, and hang on to our water bottles. By the time it was over, we thought we could do it again quite easily. :) It was fun to spend time with her. Here...we are with my mom's mom. We celebrated her birthday and enjoyed the day with her coming and going. I hope I'm like her someday... in the way she was and is always involved in her grandchildren's lives. She and Grandpa showed up for as many of our graduations, birthdays, and special events as they possibly could. They also drove all the way out to VT to see me because they were "already in Minnesota anyway." :)

In Reno, I got to see my dad's mom twice. I'm always inspired by her sweetness and appreciative attitude. It's also obvious she's been around kids a lot (she used to teach school and raised three boys.) Even though she needs a lot of extra care lately, she was entirely amazing in the way she noticed what was going on with my active boys! I loved spending time with her and being reminded of the beautiful memories we have of our growing up days with her and Grandad up at Tahoe...the hikes, beach picnic lunches, swimming lessons, boating, working alongside them, playing dominoes together, admiring her huge vegetable garden and greenhouse full of flowers, eating special homemade snacks, and especially her enthusiasm for a lots of hugs!

The schedule went out the window. I decided to just let Levi sleep wherever and whenever we were at the time. Sometimes that meant a day of fun and then a nap at 5 pm. On our second day, this is where he spent the dinner hour while we ate at Marie Callenders with grandma. He didn't wake up until we put him back in the car.

My parents took the boys to a nearby zoo and also took them on all the rides.


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Abbi said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I hope it was very refreshing for you.