Friday, April 10, 2009

Point Reyes

On our last day, we took a drive to this unforgettable lighthouse. It's way out there! The drive is maybe 19 miles of windy roads in with nothing but rolling green hills, cows, and a few historic farms along the way. Then it's a 1/2 mile walk with the ocean far below to this staircase of 300 steps. All the while, I soaked it in...the sunlight, the invigorating cool breeze, and the smell of the ocean. Loved it...and could have sat for hours just taking it in. Ordinarily, this being one of the foggiest areas, we were blessed with an incredibly clear day. One thing missing...Kent. Wish he could have been there. Hopefully someday!

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jamesm said...

Loved seeing all the pictures of your trip! I think I remember that lighthouse - we went once when I was little? I'll have to ask my mom. It it all looks like fun, although I'm sure with the 3 boys it was a challenging week too! Thanks for sharing pics!