Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snatches of our summer fun

We took a trip to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater and remembered to bring our sand toys.  Sand and shovels are a perfect way to keep a boy entertained for hours!

I took Malia and DJ fishing.  The extent of that was just that.  They did the rest by themselves while I watched the little boys.  They did catch a few but threw them back.

"I like hats!"

Indoor play...while mom tries to get work done.

We've had a few fires in our little fire pit, roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.

More construction!

Levi has a toy trumpet and loves to imitate Malia when she practices.  He insisted we find the music stand so he could do it just right!

Our best attempt at a group photo of the boys after graduation.

Reading books on couch.

First dentist appt. for Levi.  He has been looking forward to this all year!

Tana has been gone most the summer but we did get to spend a little time together up at camp.

My sister Esther came for a week, along with Kylee (4), Zane (1), and our mom.  We picnicked after Chutes and Ladders after meeting up with our aunt and cousin.

Zane enjoyed the shark pool on our deck.

So did Kade.  Although Kade's style is more about emptying the pool...bucket by bucket!

Levi laughs as Grandma Betty lets him get her wet.
We had a wonderful time!!

Cousins on our mom's side came for dinner!

More time outside!

Our slip and slide looked inviting to me one day.  It did feel good!

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BlessedMama said...

SOOOOOOOO cute!!! Love you on the water slide and getting to see Esther and Mrs. Cobb. Praying a smooth delivery of that little girl...I mean boy....I mean?.... :-)