Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fort Snelling

My cousin's family came to the cities.  We took a day to visit Fort Snelling.  It's a musuem but it's full of live, in-period costumed characters helping make the place come to life.  We took part in a marching drill, watched a cannon fired, had a lesson at a school house, visited a general store, watched food being prepared for the "General Snelling", and got to actually try out the beds that the men used.
Levi and Kade watch the infantry drill.

Aaron, Malia, and Ken (my cousin) are among the spectators.

Our school lesson

Dishes displayed in the general's house.  I happen to love blue-and-white dishes!

Mara and Malia play chess at the general store, with DJ and Jonathan looking on.

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Alison said...

Fort Snelling is one of our favorite places to visit! We especially love their Homeschool Days in September!