Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer SO FAR

We've enjoyed:

1.  A visit from Grandpa Bud and Grandma Vineta

2.  A visit from my mom

3.  Tana's graduation and open house

4.  A trip to Teddy Bear Park

5.  A night of roasting marshmallows and eating dinner outside on our porch

6.  A half-way successful attempt at potty-training Levi

7.  A date out with Kent to Red Lobster and St. Paul Symphony Orchestra (and we only spent $ that!)

8.  Watching Kent teach Alyssa and Kalai how to drive

9.  Having flowers planted in my front yard by my mother-in-law!

10.  A trip to camp to help work and enjoy sunshiny hours by the lake with the boys

11.  Reading a book with Malia

12.  A garage sale of our own

13.  Rearranging all the kids' bedrooms and getting used to new sleeping arrangements

14.  Planting my first hanging tomato plant... a gift from my mom

15.  Taking Kent out for Father's Day to Famous Dave's

16.  A bike ride to Caribou with Kent the other night

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