Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stuff from life

I do have a photo with them all smiling normally, but I liked this one's aspect of DJ better. :)

Levi has a thing for his stuffed animals. At nap and bedtime, there's roll call and then when I get him up from his nap, we need to bring each animal with us wherever we are going!
Kade was about three months here. He's not sleeping quite so much anymore.

Bridgett told me about a free kids' craft day at Home Depot, the first Saturday of every month. We finally made it this month and they had a great time while I browsed the paint aisle. I love dreaming up what colors I'll paint all over my house, and I always pick up a few samples. That's all I ever get done though!

Love this little guy! He has a more intense personality than Levi, I think. He tends to voice his opinion very quickly and has quite a temper. But when he's about to cry, his lower lip begins to stick out and quiver. It's quite convincing! We're hoing he's going to keep his blue Daddy's and Kalai's. Everyone else has brown.

I'm really enjoying the tidbits on Facebook...seeing friends' new pictures, hearing a recent update, etc. But I enjoy blogs a little more, mostly because they're usually more personal. We're anxious for spring, but at the same time marveling at the beautiful snow this morning. It settled on the branches and covered up the muddy, bare brown. Really, how can we expect spring in February when we live in MN?

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Melissa said...

These are some great pictures!! I can't believe the Kade is 4 months old. It just seemes like I was talking to you the other day about his birth. I know about that temper. With Ezra it started very young and he still has it from time to time. His big bule eyes really stand out in the last picture. You look great! Love you!