Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Goodies

Our life group decided to enjoy holiday goodies rather than our regular dinner meal. Everything was yummy. I made this Blueberry Snack Cake and used blueberries from the freezer that we picked last summer. Taco Cheesecake. Someone called it a savory cheesecake versus a sweet cheesecake. Anyway, this recipe was from Taste of Home and was pretty good spread on crackers. It had cream cheese, green chiles, salsa, taco seasoning, pepper jack cheese. I was also inspired by Abbi to make my own crackers. They were actually pretty easy and paired well with this spread. I could post the recipe if someone's interested.


Venessa said...

I would like the recipe to the Taco Cheesecake - or maybe I could go to Taste of Home and find the recipe. That looks so yummy!! Love the pics of all your family! I didn't see pics of you and Kent in there tho! ( : Have a great day - love you! Venessa

Esther said...

Yum! Wish I could have had some. :-)