Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas Memories

I like dressing my babies up in strange little outfits, especially on Christmas Day!  These pictures have been waiting to be posted for quite some time.  Our month of company, celebration, girls home from college was lots of fun, but too busy for blogging.  And now it's February.  How can it be?

This was Daddy and DJ's surprise for Levi and Kade on Christmas morning...their very own semi-truck.

Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Betty arrived Christmas evening.  I thought this picture was priceless!
Cousins Kylee and Zane came, along with their daddy and mommy!
We made a gingerbread train together and this is Zane carefully rolling out the dough.

Cody Joel - 5 months

We had our 2nd annual tea party.

The weather was nice enough to play outside for hours!

Kylee and DJ had fun sliding down our sled track and into this tunnel!

Zane and Kade took the tea party quite seriously!


All in a Day said...

Your little one is so big already!

Shannon said...

Love these! You have a beautiful family. I am especially impressed with the semi-truck...that is awesome!