Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kade turned 2, so his brothers volunteered to help in any way possible.

We went with a zebra cake idea, so I found a picture online of a zebra cake with a neck and head.  Kade's only comment when I showed him the picture was, "Broken," with his head shaking back and forth sadly.  :)  I went ahead and made the "broken" zebra because that's as far as my talent could go!  He kept calling it an airplane. 

I made a carrot cake that my grandmother used to make for every special occasion.  We loved it as kids and it makes me think of her.  Along with the carrots, it has whole wheat flour, honey, applesauce, and walnuts, making it a very moist cake.

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

He really liked the licorice "mane."

Skyping with Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Betty

Opening presents was fun!

Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol came to celebrate!  This is one of his new books.

Our happy boy.  We are blessed!

At 2...Kade weighs 26 lbs.or so. 
Loves rubber frogs and lizards enough to sleep with them
Makes trumpets nearly every day out of "marble run" pieces
Says, "hold you," whenever he wants mommy to hold him
Calls Cody, "Toady" (that's how I spell it!)
Likes big trucks
Steals daddy's bouncy balls from his collection
Loves fleece tied blankets
Says big words like "basketball," "airplane," "elevator,"
Prayed for his sisters by name the other night


Wayne Cobb said...

What a wonderful post! That is so funny about the "broken" zebra cake. Since "Eight is great", for Kade being 2, it must mean "if you're two, then you go to the zoo" and see unbroken zebras! :)
Love, Grandpa Wayne & Grandma Betty

All in a Day said...

Wow, two already! Happy birthday, Kade!