Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm 3 and I love birthdays

In my family, my birthday seems to come at the end of a very long line of birthdays, eight to be exact, starting in February and ending in May. 

I love birthdays.  Afterall, I'm now just 3.  I've had a lot of experience these past few months making cakes for my sisters.  And always asking mom..."Where's my birthday?"  For awhile I thought it was gone, but she assured me that May was coming....and that she had to wait for hers, too.

So with the big day at hand, we started on the cake.  I insisted on using the "old mixer" and mom still doesn't know why it was so important to me.  Halfway through making my cake, I suddenly realized I needed to call Grandpa Bud and Grandma Vineta to thank them for my Veggie Tales B'day card. 

The old worn-out mixer worked beautifully and my spice cake was done.  DJ helped us.  You know, he's quite experienced and can run the mixer himself.

Of course, licking the beaters is the best part.  Maybe this activity is why mom kept me in my pj's long after breakfast!

For a long time, I've known it was to be a train cake.  It was settled.   Mommy said it was fine.  I also wanted to be sure that I had my train shirt washed and ready to wear.  I actually did remind mom several times last week that I wanted to wear that shirt on my b'day.

So while I was napping, DJ and Mommy did the really messy part, leaving the fun part for me later.   DJ was thrilled to take lots of pictures of the process.

Thankfully, mom had DJ's advice, because he consulted "The Little Engine That Could" several times to be sure we were getting some of the details correct...such as the color of the engine!

This was where I came in...all rested and ready to decorate!

Actually, I think I was more ready to sample the candy mom bought in the bulk bins at Cub Food and "oreos" from Trader Joe's.

We decided this certainly was a zoo cake and needed some animals too.

I was so happy to see myself on this cake.  DJ thought it was a little weird to cut up one of my old pictures, but it worked!

Because I am so proud of each and every car, I must show each one!

This was super fun!

And to think, I got to blow out the candles myself.  I love that part!

Kade got a small piece of cake and devoured it, along with some candy.  You should have heard mom exclaim the next morning how late Kade managed to stay awake in his crib that night.  She blames it all on the sugar high! 

Grandpa Stacy and Grandma Carol came, too.  It was so fun to have them.  And daddy figured out how we could have a video call with Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Betty so they could watch me blow out my candles.

This was the best I could do for the last picture of the night.  You think Kade was hard to put to bed.  I had him beat!


Kara Scharrer said...

Holy cow! I'm calling you for our next birthday cake!!! :) Great job! You guys always do such fun birthdays.

Esther said...

The cake turned out really awesome. Loved this post. What a sweet boy.

Wayne Cobb said...

It's FUN to see a long awaited birthday through a 3 year old's eyes! We SO appreciate Kent making it possible for the video call. God bless you for making another special birthday and great memory!
Love, Grandpa Wayne & Grandma Betty