Monday, March 1, 2010

Media Choices: Part 4

In my last post about this topic, I suggested that we can use the Bible's depictions of evil and sin as a guide for us in the choices we make concerning media.  Here are some of my observations of God's Word in this area...

1.  When sin is relayed in a Bible story, we, as the readers, are seeing it for what it really is in God's sight.  The sin is shown in such a light as to be repulsive, wicked and unholy.  We never see sin shown in a favorable light.  Sin is never laughed at or made to seem petty or inconsequential.   The characters of noble character condemn sin as well. 

2.  Sin in God's Word is shown to have consequences.  We aren't left with the idea that the character sinned and all was well.  We are shown the unpleasant, far-reaching, and even deadly results of their sin.

3.  Sin in God's Word is not depicted with the idea to entertain with explicit details or with the idea to excite or "tittilate" (how's that for an interesting word?) the reader, perhaps making the reader wish for more or be tempted to sin.  Earlier I mentioned the story of David and Bathsheba.  Sin was certainly commited here.  The Bible clearly relays the story and yet we ourselves, as the readers, are not tempted to sin by a vivid description of the scene David saw from his rooftop, describing the "beautiful woman."  Furthermore, we are not given a steamy account of their night together, yet we know perfectly well what sin and evil were commited. 

These three observations of God's Word can help us test the choices we are making in regard to sin and evil.  Busy day ahead and so...I'll come back to this later. 

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