Monday, June 1, 2009


swing time on a sunny day

The favorite little house up at camp.

Malia played in the honor band last month and spent an entire weekend of practice. It was intense, but I think she enjoyed it. We certainly enjoyed the concert!

Another great camp moment!

Levi loves to smell the flowers. And these lilacs are from our bushes in the backyard.

The trampoline is starting to get more use, and Levi's getting a little better at staying on his feet. Love his smile!

We've been trying to get to the park almost every day. This was early May so we still needed warm hats some days.

Gotta love the toothless grins! DJ is going through the awkward/irresistibly cute stage of losing his teeth...and getting his big ones!


Abbi said...

What a lot of fun pictures!

BlessedMama said...

They really are adorable boys!!!! It makes me miss when Javon was that age. It goes by WAY too quickly. :-)