Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thoughts on the New Year

I'm thinking that this year I want to grow and change. With God's help I will remember...

-To realize my list of "to-do's" can wait while I stop to take care of my children in numerous ways

-To realize that my baby will only want to be held like this for about a year and then I'll mostly be watching them walk all over the I will relish these moments

-To realize that even though I don't have long periods of quiet and uninterruption, there are many moments throughout the day to pray and meditate on Scripture

-To realize that I should not desire to control life's circumstances and other's choices. I will love others and accept God's control in my life.

-To make memories and be more spontaneous...hide and seek, notes for my husband, "just because" surprises for the kids

-To cast ALL my cares upon Him, because He cares for me. Why be anxious?

When all is said and done, what really matters is that my children are walking in truth and that I've loved God and others. All the rest is okay....but I'm going to work on not getting hung up on it (like I've struggled in the past)...clean house, organized storage room, scrapbooking all our memories, journaling, cooking lots of meals, learning new skills, finding cute clothes, staying in touch with Everyone in numerous ways, completing all homeschooling goals, etc.

Just wanted to share. No pictures though. I can't believe it. :)


Abbi said...

Great plans and thoughts. I am working on trying to focus on what is really important as well.

Bridgett said...


Hopefully you will be able to succeed in these areas. And by the way, this post totally reflects what I am working on in life also. God bless!

Angie said...

Me TOO! I have been really wanting to focus more on ENJOYING the little eveyday things of life!

jlracine6 said...

Thanks Christy,

Your thoughts are definitely right on, I struggle with these also. My biggest goal is to have more joy! I love the little notes idea, it is fun to surprise them.