Friday, August 1, 2008

Blueberries and Bananas

While in Bemidji, we had the pleasure of picking wild blueberries for several hours. It took forever, it seemed, to even cover the bottom of our buckets. However, those sweet little morsels go a long ways! I made banana, blueberry muffins one morning and they turned out moist and yummy.


jlracine6 said...

Deborah says " Those look great, I want to eat them! Can you send me the recipe?"

Bridgett said...

Were you picking wild blueberries?We went to a berry farm recently and were able to get 12 pints in about an hour. My kids enjoy eating them right out of the freezer.

Christy said...

Yes, Bridgett. Unfortunately, wild blueberries are not quite as prolific as the cultivated kinds. But they grow very well up north. We love them! I tried to find a U-pick place, but the closest place was an hour and a half and more expensive than Sam's Club. :(