Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My digital camera is missing. I hope to replace it soon. There are so many smiles that need to be captured!!

Here's what's new at the Davidsons:

1. We celebrated today - Alyssa got accepted to Harding College.
2. DJ and I played at the park today and did a double in the swing!
3. Levi is beginning to express his opinions a little more vocally. He also happens to be sitting on my lap at the unearthly hour of 10:30 pm. He can't settle down tonight so he's helping me blog.
4. DJ has been trying out some new words lately; here are a few: glimpse, appointment, suddenly, technically
5. Kent is helping Tana with her Pre-calculus.
6. Last night we went thrift store shopping (Alyssa, Tana, Kalai and I). The girls are starting to like shopping a little more than they did a few years ago. That makes it fun!
7. I found a recipe for Rosemary Brownies and hope to try them tomorrow. They're just regular brownies with some fresh rosemary.
8. I've discovered the bulk foods section at our Rainbow Fresh grocery store. I'm enjoying trying out some new spices and herbs a little at a time. IT's great because you can just try a little.
9. I heard a wonderful song by Point of Grace today. I believe it's called "Turn up the Music" Wow! It's all about really living life. It reminds us to love and take time for the simple, special things in life. I need to get the lyrics.
9. Prayers for my mom and dad. They're taking care of my grandmother who is living with them now. Thanks!

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